J A N D 2 G I D I


Cravings2Gidi service is a delivery service from the UK to get your groceries delivered to Nigeria.


1. Please send us your shopping list using the form below Once received an invoice for the purchase will be sent. Once payment is made the items will be purchased for delivery to Nigeria. 

2. We have the following minimum order quantities: 

a. Tesco- GBP 40

b. Sainsburys – GBP 40

c. Asda – GBP 40

d. Waitrose – GBP 60

d. All other food stores – GBP 20

If you do not have up to these values we suggest pairing up with friends, colleagues or relatives and then sharing the costs. 

3. Delivery takes 5 to 7 working days from dispatch. 

4. There may be NAFDAC charges applied as the items go through Customs. Please budget from about N5,000 depending on the quantity of food being brought in.  


1. The cost of the items you wish to purchase, based on the exchange rate on the day of placing the order. 

2. A flat service fee of GBP 10. 

3. Delivery fee of GBP 4.52 per kg

4. Upon arrival at our Lagos hub the items will have to be collected immediately or delivered to your door at a cost, depending on your location.

Kindly note that extra charges apply for deliveries outside Lagos.

Please give an extra 1-2 working days(express delivery) and 3-5 working days (standard delivery to Abuja only) for deliveries outside Lagos.

Kindly CLICK HERE for Nationwide rates.

Alternatively, you are able to order items from any UK grocery store of your choice and get them delivered to our UK address by clicking here to get our UK addresses.

Kindly advise us if you require this service to ensure your parcels are repacked properly.

Kindly fill the form below to order using your groceries